Best Food Trucks In Melbourne

Melbourne has taken outside dining to a whole new level, especially in these COVID lockdown days of 2020. As the Doobie Brothers said, it really is a case of ‘taking it to the streets’.

Don’t think that because all that equipment is strategically positioned in a tiny truck or van parked in and around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, that the food quality somehow suffers, because it definitely does not.

The best of Melbourne food truck food is still top notch restaurant-quality fare – just at a very affordable price.

If you prefer a burger freshly made with local ground beef and melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut as a side to some delicious Bratwurst along with sauerkraut and some other condiment goodies, or a wood-fired pizza with any gourmet topping you can think of, you will have it covered in the Melbourne food truck scene. And we havn’t even started talking about dessert!

So for dessert, how about some fresh homemade ice cream or some artisan Gelato styled with just about any ingredient you can think of? Anyway, you get the point, there are lots to choose from when it comes to Melbourne, food trucks, and top quality food choices. Don’t forget to order a ubiquitus Melbourne latte to go along with all that deliciousness.

Ghost Kitchen (Twitter @GhostKitchen)

If you are feeling like an Asian inspired breakfast based on a flakey style roti idea. You need to give these guys a try. Truly delicious.

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