Best Burgers In Sydney

With the full and certain knowlege that there is some of us that go right down the rabbit hole of specifics when it comes to just how we want to have that hamburger we’re lusting after, here is where you can find the top notch examples in Sydney. What used to be a pretty standard affair is now a cornicopia of choices to be had. Do you want the regular bun or the sesame seed one – or the brioche maybe? Do you want American cheese, blue cheese or no cheese? Let’s not even get started on the choices of protein: beef, chicken, fish, mushroom, alternative meat, and what about the egg – don forget the egg! Do you want caramised onion, lettuce, tomatoe etc etc?

Fresh home made burger closeup on dark wooden table

If you’re one of those who have a serious passion for burgers, and you’re in Sydney (that would be the greatest harbour city in the world), you’ve come to the right place.

Sydney is home to a wonderful selection of burger joints that should hit the spot when you’re after a burger fix. Here is a short sharp list of some of the best.

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers (12 Princes Highway, Sylvania, Sydney)


Right up there as one the most famous of Sydney’s burger joints. They’ve been in the business of burgers for more than 50 years. First owned by Paul and Katina Zerefos, with Katina’s initial burger recipe being the start of what has evolved into the famous Paul’s Hambourgers that has become a Sydney institutuion for burger aficionados. The business is now owned by the Sinesiou family, who continue the Paul’s tradition on. So if you have yet to try them out, do yourself a favour, as Molly Meldrum would say, and try them out.

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