The 10 Best Burgers in Sydney You Need to Try in 2023

With the full and certain knowledge that there is some of us that go right down the rabbit hole of specifics when it comes to just how we want to have that hamburger we’re lusting after, here is where you can find the top notch examples from burger restaurants in Sydney. What used to be a pretty standard affair is now a cornicopia of choices to be had. Everyone’s idea of the best burger is different. Do you want the regular bun or the sesame seed one – or the brioche maybe? Do you want American cheese, blue cheese or no cheese? Do you want caramelised onion or not? Let’s not even get started on the choices of protein: beef, chicken, fish, mushroom, alternative meat, and what about the egg – don forget the egg! Do you want caramised onion, lettuce, tomatoe etc etc?

Yes, Sydney’s burger scene is booming. From American-style cheeseburgers to next-level fried chicken burgers, you’ll find juicy, mouthwatering burgers of every style all over the city. This article will take you on a burger tour through 10 of the best spots for burgers in Sydney in 2023. Get ready to sink your teeth into the city’s most delicious burgers!

Burgers have become a mainstay in Sydney, with new burger joints and food trucks popping up constantly. With so many options, it can be hard to separate the standouts from the mediocre. We’ve done the research to pick the 10 burger places you absolutely must try. From the CBD to the suburbs, these restaurants, takeaways, and burger trucks are serving up Sydney’s best burgers.

Ume Burger – Customizable Japanese-Inspired Burgers

Located in the heart of the CBD, Ume Burger has quickly become renowned for its mouthwatering Japanese-inspired burgers stacked high with umami flavors. Their signature Ume burger comes piled with Wagyu beef, pickled red onion, karashi mustard mayo, and a fried Umeboshi plum. You can also build your own burger from a choice of patties, buns, cheeses, and toppings. Their chicken katsu and eggplant katsu burgers are also standouts.

Burger Head – American-Style Burgers and Crazy Shakes

This newcomer is serving up juicy American-style smashed burgers and crazy milkshakes from their shop in Crows Nest. Their double cheeseburger with two smashed beef patties, American cheese, pickles, and signature burger sauce is a favorite. Or try the fried chicken or portobello mushroom burgers. Their epic shakes come topped with slices of burger, fries, and more – perfect for that Instagram pic!

Burgers Anonymous – Classic Aussie Burgers

A longtime favorite for classic Aussie burgers, Burgers Anonymous serves up generous burgers layered with beetroot, pineapple, fried egg, and their secret Anony sauce from locations across Sydney. Their fun burger names like “The Ex” and menu full of cheeky insider jokes add to the appeal. Fresh-made shakes, onion rings, and fries complete the tasty feast.

Bar Luca – Gourmet Burgers and Fried Chicken

Chef Luke Burgess is behind the gourmet burgers and fried chicken at this trendy hangout in Sydney’s CBD. The buttermilk fried chicken burger with jalapeño mayo is a favorite, but the Wagyu burger and falafel burger are standouts too. With a stylish interior for dining in and takeaway available, Bar Luca is a lively spot for a high-end burger experience.

BL Burgers – Classic Cheeseburgers

If you’re craving an old-fashioned cheeseburger, BL Burgers serves up the goods. They char grill 100% Aussie beef burgers and top them with gooey American cheese, pickles, onion, mustard, and tomato sauce on a soft milk bun. BL also offers chicken schnitzel and fried chicken burgers along with fries and thick shakes. Several suburban Sydney locations mean cheeseburger bliss is never far away!

Burger Project – Gourmet Creations

Renowned chef Neil Perry brings his finesse to the humble burger at Burger Project. The menu changes often but may include creations like pulled pork with apple slaw or crispy fried chicken with jalapeño mayo and hot sauce. Their classic with Aussie beef, beetroot, cheese, caramelized onion, and signature sauce also satisfy. Locations across Sydney serve both lunch and late night cravings.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. – Plant-Based Burgers

Betty’s proves delicious burgers can be plant-based and environmentally sustainable. Their burgers feature Beyond Meat patties or fried cauliflower along with fun toppings like barbecue jackfruit or eggplant kasundi sauce. Concrete Co. shakes feature homemade nut milks and flavors like chai tea and coffee. With two Inner West locations, Betty’s appeals to vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Mister Gee Burger Truck – Juicy Burgers Across Sydney

Mister Gee has gained a loyal following for its simple but juicy burgers out of their food truck roaming Sydney. Their classic Mister Gee Burger features two smashed beef patties, cheese, pickles, onion, mustard and ketchup. You can also try fried chicken or veggie burger options. Check their website for locations to grab these hearty burgers on the go.

Five Points Burgers – Cool Vibes and Killer Burgers

Head to Five Points Burgers’ laid-back neighborhood joints in Crows Nest, Manly, or Kirribilli for awesome burgers in a trendy but chill setting. Their build-your-own burgers star high-quality Aussie beef or grilled chicken breast. Signature options include a New York-style pastrami burger and Southern fried chicken burger. Crispy Brussels sprout chips or mac and cheese make ideal burger pairings.

Burger Revolution – Build Your Dream Burgers

Burger Revolution lets you customize epic burgers exactly how you want ‘em, with three locations across eastern Sydney. Choose your own bun, beef or chicken patties, cheeses, sauces, and unlimited toppings to craft a masterpiece. Their unique options like pulled pork, beetroot relish, and pineapple make for drool-worthy burgers. Don’t skip the crispy sweet potato fries!

Honorable Mentions

For burger joints in Sydney that almost made it: Simple, it would be Burger Patch in Chatswood.


Q: What are the best burgers in Sydney?

A: The best burgers in Sydney include the Good Burgers, Charcoal Chicken, Burger Joint, Burger Patch, Blame Canada, Chicken Katsu Burger, Classic Burger, and Fried Chicken Burgers.

Q: Where can I find the best burgers in Sydney?

A: You can find the best burgers in Sydney at the Good Burgers, Charcoal Chicken, Burger Joint, Burger Patch, Blame Canada, Chicken Katsu Burger, Classic Burger, and Fried Chicken Burgers.

Q: What are the top burger joints in Sydney?

A: The top burger joints in Sydney are Good Burgers, Charcoal Chicken, Burger Joint, Burger Patch, Blame Canada, Chicken Katsu Burger, Classic Burger, and Fried Chicken Burgers.

Q: Which burger joint has the best burger in Sydney?

A: The Burger Patch is known for having the best burger in Sydney.

Q: Where can I find a delicious chicken katsu burger in Sydney?

A: You can find a delicious chicken katsu burger at the Chicken Katsu Burger restaurant in Sydney.

Q: Are there any burger joints in Sydney CBD?

A: Yes, there are several burger joints in Sydney CBD, including Good Burgers, Burger Joint, Burger Patch, and Chicken Katsu Burger.

Q: What are some classic burger options in Sydney?

A: Classic burgers are available at the Good Burgers, Burger Joint, and Classic Burger restaurants in Sydney.

Q: Can I find charcoal chicken burgers in Sydney?

A: Yes, you can find delicious charcoal chicken burgers at the Charcoal Chicken restaurant in Sydney.

Q: Where can I find the best burger menu in Sydney?

A: You can find the best burger menu at the Burger Patch restaurant in Sydney.

Q: What are the best burger specials in Sydney?

A: The Burger Patch offers some of the best burger specials in Sydney.

Take Your Sydney Burger Tour

So burger lovers, that wraps up our guide to Sydney’s best burgers for 2023! From American cheeseburgers to Japanese katsu burger to gourmet vegan, you’re sure to satisfy any burger craving at these top-notch joints, from Surry Hills to Crows Nest, you’ve got lots of options . No matter where in Sydney your burger quest takes you, these hot spots dish up the city’s most mouthwatering burgers and memorable burger-centric experiences. Just don’t forget the napkins.

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