Best Asian Restaurants in Melbourne: So Many Choices!

Melbourne, a city celebrated for its multiculturalism, stands proudly among the world’s great cosmopolitan hubs. Embracing its vibrant and diverse Asian food scene, this thriving metropolis offers a plethora of culinary delights for food enthusiasts. With a wide range of options stretching from traditional eateries to trendy establishments, here are some carefully selected recommendations for indulging in the authentic flavors of Asian cuisine in Melbourne:


Melbourne offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine, from regional specialties to contemporary interpretations.

  • Flower Drum – An upscale Cantonese institution known for its refined classics like Peking duck, lobster and aromatic crispy chicken. Elegant decor and impeccable service make this a destination dining experience.
  • ShanDong MaMa – Specializing in the rustic, bold flavors of Northern China. Known for their handmade dumplings, noodles and lamb skewers. It gets busy so reservations are recommended.
  • Chef Lagenda – Creative modern Chinese cuisine served in a sleek, contemporary space. Standouts include wok-seared scallops, tea-smoked duck and caramelized pork belly.
  • Hutong – Located in a heritage building, Hutong serves sophisticated Northern Chinese fare from the Xinjiang and Yunnan regions. The crispy beef and tea-smoked duck are highlights.


From intimate sushi counters to lively izakayas, Melbourne offers diverse high-quality Japanese dining:

  • Minamishima – Exclusive 10-seat sushi counter where master sushi chef Koichi Minamishima prepares seasonal nigiri omakase. Reservations are essential for this rare experience.
  • Ishizuka – Kaiseki-style tasting menus featuring creative seafood presentations and the finest seasonal ingredients. Discreet service in a refined setting.
  • Ichi Ni Nana – Lively modern izakaya with yakitori skewers, ramen varieties, Japanese curries and more. Fun atmosphere with a great drinks menu.
  • Shujinko – Understated 8-seat sushi counter known for its precise, traditional edomae-style nigiri. Extensive sake menu and knowledgeable staff.


From street-style to upscale, Melbourne’s Thai restaurants offer authentic, vibrant flavors:

  • Tom Phat – Cozy neighborhood Thai serving hard-to-find Northern dishes like larb, jungle curry and Isaan sausage. Excellent Thai ice coffee.
  • Soi 38 – Street-food inspired Thai in a casual setting. Known for boat noodles, papaya salad, curries and stir fries. Great value.
  • Longrain – Trendy modern Thai restaurant and cocktail bar. Signature dishes include pad Thai and betel leaf wraps. Buzzing vibe with great drinks.
  • Jinda Thai – Refined contemporary Thai cuisine served in a sleek space. Standouts include massaman wagyu curry, whole fried snapper and duck larb.


From pho to banh mi, Melbourne offers many spots for delicious Vietnamese food:

  • Anchovy – Modern Vietnamese menu with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Known for their pho tai and salt and pepper calamari.
  • Pho Hung Vuong Saigon – Traditional pho soups and Vietnamese classics served in a casual setting. Open late with extensive menu options.
  • Hanoi Hannah – Vibrant Vietnamese canteen famed for its modern share plates, cocktails and karaoke nights. Great fun atmosphere.
  • Meatsmith – Gourmet Vietnamese fare like wagyu brisket pho and soft shell crab served in a stylish converted warehouse. Creative cocktails too.

Other Notable Asian Cuisines

Melbourne also offers many restaurants specializing in Indian, Malaysian, Korean, Indonesian and Taiwanese cuisine. Top picks include…

Here are some suggested paragraphs highlighting notable restaurants for Indian, Malaysian, Korean, Indonesian and Taiwanese cuisine in Melbourne:


  • Horn Please – Vibrant modern Indian cuisine with creative dishes like butter chicken biryani and paneer tikka tacos. Fun, casual vibe.
  • ShanDong MaMa – Known for their authentic Indian thalis served on stainless steel plates with an array of small dishes. Extensive vegetarian options.
  • INDU – Sophisticated Indian fine dining putting a contemporary twist on classics. Standouts include goat curry and venison seekh kebab.
  • Gaja by Kumar – High-end Indian degustation menus from chef Kumar Mahadevan. Blends Indian techniques with local ingredients.


  • Peko Peko – Humble Malaysian cafe dishing up noodle and rice dishes, curries, satays and snacks. Known for laksa and nasi lemak.
  • Jinda Thai – Upscale Southeast Asian spot with Malaysian influences. Try ikan assam pedas (fish in tamarind sauce) and beef rendang.
  • Tuk Tuk Bar – Kitschy tiki bar offering Malaysian street eats alongside tropical cocktails. Great for satay, roti canai and kaya toast.
  • PappaRich – Chain with multiple locations serving Malaysian comfort foods like nasi briyani, mee goreng and curry laksa.


  • Hwaro – Casual Korean spot for KFC (Korean fried chicken) in flavors like soy garlic and spicy yangnyeom. Tasty banchans too.
  • LP’s Quality Meats – High-end Korean BBQ joint to enjoy marinated meats grilled right at your table. Also offer Korean-style fried chicken.
  • Budnamujip – Humble Korean cafe dishing up homestyle stews, hot pots and pan-fried dishes. Known for budae jjigae.
  • Young Joon Kwon – Contemporary Korean fine dining from chef Young Joon Kwon. Creative degustation menus at this intimate restaurant.


  • Warung Agus – Unpretentious Indonesian cafe serving classics like gado gado, satays, rendang and fried rice dishes. BYO alcohol.
  • Bali Bali – Bright, modern Indonesian restaurant spanning street food to fine dining. Try martabak, gurame goreng, soto ayam.
  • IndoEat – Small Indonesian cafe known for their rijsttafel, an elaborate rice table meal with many shared dishes.
  • Kedai Satay – Tiny restaurant that’s hugely popular for their satays served with peanut sauce and ketupat rice cakes.


  • Din Tai Fung – Famed Taiwanese chain offering xiao long bao soup dumplings, noodles, rice dishes and more.
  • Silks – Upscale modern Taiwanese cuisine and yum cha in Crown Casino. Creative dishes like wagyu beef noodle soup.
  • Eighth Day – Casual Taiwanese cafe dishing up favorites like braised pork rice, lu rou fan, and bubble tea.
  • Meet Fresh – Dessert shop specializing in Taiwanese shaved ice bowls and sweet tofu puddings in many flavors.

Best Areas and Food Precincts

If you’re ready to embark on a culinary adventure through Melbourne’s fantastic Asian dining scene, here are some of the best areas and food precincts to explore. Each of these neighborhoods offers a full tapestry of flavors and influences from various regions:


Situated along Victoria Street, Richmond is a gastronomic haven brimming with a diverse range of culinary treasures. Delight your taste buds with the authentic flavors of regional Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and more.

Box Hill:

Known for its concentration of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean restaurants and groceries, Box Hill is a true haven for Asian cuisine enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance and indulge in the tantalizing dishes that reflect the rich cultural heritage of these countries.

Glen Waverley:

Stepping into Glen Waverley feels like entering a world within a world. This enchanting district, lovingly referred to as “Little Asia,” boasts a captivating blend of regional Chinese, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisine. Get ready to be transported to the heart of Asia as you embark on a culinary journey like no other.


Authenticity reigns supreme in Footscray, where you’ll find a plethora of Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants and groceries. This vibrant neighborhood offers a genuine taste of Asia, with flavors that whisk you away to the bustling streets and bustling markets of the East.

With these enticing neighborhood suggestions, Melbourne’s Asian dining scene is yours to explore, savor, and discover. Go immerse yourself!


With such diversity and quality, Melbourne offers a journey through the authentic flavors of Asia. From quick casual meals to high-end dining experiences, foodies will delight in the variety this culinary capital provides.

Let me know if you would like me to expand or modify any part of the article further. I’m happy to add more details on specific restaurants or areas as needed.

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