4 Healthy Food Delivery Services In Sydney

Getting home delivery doesn’t have to be unhealthy

Home delivery isn’t always the healthiest of dinner options. And although we’d all love to dish up nutritious home-cooked meals every night, unless you still live with your mum or work a 10-3 job, that’s not always possible. Thankfully there are quite a few companies that will deliver just that. We tried four of Sydney’s best healthy food delivery services, and here’s the lowdown.

Fresh Fit Food

This must be the closest you’ll ever get to Nanna’s comfort meals in-home delivery form. They are a big supporter of local businesses and fresh local produce. Fresh produce means less salt, less oil and less sugar – all good for a healthier you. You’ve never met high-protein dishes like this before – they’re colourful, healthy and oh-so-delicious! You can have the weekly meals you’ve ordered delivered free in an esky to your door at many areas throughout the greater Sydney area. Because of their focus on freshness, the standard approach is to split the order in two and deliver twice in the week so everything is as fresh as it can possibly be.

  • Meal of the week: Pulled Chicken Bowl.
  • costs $9.95 per serve.
  • w: www.freshfitfood.com.au
  • e: info@freshfitfood.com.au
  • fb: facebook.com/freshnotfrozen

My Muscle Chef

Calling all gym junkies: have we found the service for you. Introducing My Muscle Chef. Offering a range of meals containing 200 to 700 calories (depending on whether you’re building muscle or losing weight), you’ll be covered in the food department for five, six or seven days. You can choose between all-carb and half-and-half meals or ones with veggies included, and all contain hormone-free chicken breast and grass-fed Australian beef, among other goodies. Delivery is currently available to the greater Sydney area, Central Coast, South Coast and ACT.

  • Meal of the week: Dukkah Chicken Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing.
  • Meals start at $9.55 before any bulk discounts.
  • w: www.mymusclechef.com
  • t: 1300 364 993

Tender Loving Cuisine

If it’s just dinner you need a hand with, Tender Loving Cuisine (aka TLC) can help you out. The bonus of TLC meals is that you can reheat them straight from the freezer – perfect for when last-minute plans are cancelled, or when you simply forget to plan ahead. Not only do they serve vegetarian dishes, meat, seafood and even curries, they also clearly label which meals are dairy-free, gluten-free, low in salt and approved by the Heart Foundation. The desserts on offer are quite tempting, too! Plus, TLC delivers to more than 1,000 suburbs across Australia.

  • Meal of the week: Roast lamb with mint jelly-infused gravy.
  • Seven dinners starts at $87.50, desserts are $3.45 each (standard size).
  • w: www.tlc.org.au
  • t: 1800 801 200

Dinner Ladies

Food from Easy Eating. Photography by Quentin Jones. 25 Nov 2014.

The Dinner Ladies like to say that they only use ingredients an adventurous grandmother would use. Catering for vegetarians, clean eaters, seafood lovers and those sticking to a low carb diet, the dishes contain loads of salad and veggies. The dinners are snap-frozen as soon as they’re made to lock in flavour and nutrients then delivered to your door once a week. Delivery is free for orders over $200, with a minimum order of $100 and a delivery fee of $15 for orders less than $200.

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