4 Healthy Delivery Companies In Melbourne

Getting home delivery doesn’t have to be unhealthy

Life only see­­­­ms to get busier as we get older and two of the most important things to many of us are saving time and taking care of our health. These days we are so lucky to have such a wide range of healthy food delivery services in Melbourne that you are guaranteed to find one to suit your needs. Let them do the thinking for you and stop stressing about what to cook every night. We tested out four and here’s the verdict.

My Goodness Organics

There’s something liberating about eating food that you know is 100 % good for you. And that’s what you get from My Goodness Organics. Run by Rebecca and partner Warren, their focus is on plant-based whole foods that are completely refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and wheat free.

My Goodness Organics offers four different menus on rotation with a variety of ready-made delicious dishes that are beautifully presented. These meal plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you’re never left feeling hungry. There is also an option for a juice cleanse for those wanting to detox. Their meals aren’t about counting calories but more about healing the body with raw foods, but as a bonus you might find that you drop a few pounds along the way.

Some of the dishes and juices might take some getting used to if you’re new to the healthy side of life and others (like their green fig balls) will shock you with how something so good for you could taste so naughty. As if that all didn’t sound good enough, they have also done the thinking for you, labelling each item with which day it is to be consumed. My Goodness Organics ticks all the boxes.

  • Meal of the week: Chicken shukran salad and vanilla choc double decker
  • Cost: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for five days costs $280.
  • W: http://mygoodnessorganics.com.au 

Clean Cut Foods

The name says it all. Clean Cut Foods meal plans are dedicated to helping people achieve a cleaner eating way of life. With a range of portion-controlled meals to assist in healthy living and weight loss, these guys will have you going from flab to abs in no time.

Clean Cut Foods currently uses fresh seasonal produce, lean meats and minimal fats to make up their meals. Most of the meals include a protein mixed with good balance of carbs and greens that not only look healthy but will make you feel healthy. Be prepared for some surprising flavours like kangaroo as well as old-time favourites like shepherd’s pie and nasi goreng.

Choose between a simple clean eating menu (lunch and dinner) or one that is high protein and low carb (breakfast, lunch and dinner). They even provide you with cute little snacks like apples and celery sticks to keep you going throughout the day.

  • Meal of the week: Moroccan chicken and cous cous salad.
  • Cost: $149 for a 5-day simple clean-eating plan (lunch and dinner).
  • W: www.cleancutfoods.com.au 
  • P: 1300 854 086

Five Point Four

Fitness fanatics, this one is for you. Five Point Four have designed dedicated meal plans to help you improve your lifestyle through clean eating.

Proving that healthy food can be full of flavour, 5.4 offer a range of different protein-rich dishes to keep exciting your palate. They show you how important portion control is in your quest to achieve your weight loss goals but prove that eating less doesn’t mean you have to be left feeling hungry. With a range of different choices, these guys will keep you excited about eating healthy food each day.

5.4 are currently offering meals five days a week and have tailored their meal plans to suit women and men with the option for individuals or couples. Choose between a weight loss or weight maintenance/training meal plan (or muscle gain) with the nutritional information and ingredients listed on each food item. They also provide fitness support online through their website and blog.

  • Meal of the week: Beef shepherd’s pie.
  • Cost: 20 meals for the week for $149.95 for weight loss and 15 for weight maintenance plans.
  • W: www.fivepointfour.com.au 
  • P: 1300 343 656

Choice Fresh Meals

Mum’s home cooked meals are usually the thing we miss most when moving out of home. Those hours spent slaving away in the kitchen to produce delicious meals that are full of flavour, totally satisfying and of course cooked with love.

Choice Fresh Meals are like receiving mum’s meals to your doorstep. Imagine comfort food that looks delicious, tastes even better and contains a wonderful balance of all the food groups. Choose from an extensive menu of different cuisines, sizes and sides, and to top it all off, the most divine desserts.

There’s no limit to what you can order and you will have no trouble spending the minimum of $30 for delivery because everything is tempting. The perfect option for families or individuals who are after some good, honest cooking.

  • Meal of the week: Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding. 
  • Dessert of the week: Chocolate and pear cheesecake.
  • Cost: Meals average around $9-$12 for mains and it is a minimum spend of $30 for delivery.
  • W: www.choicefreshmeals.com.au 
  • P: 1300 430 488

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